The rest of the story: Powderly Church of God

With it's inception in the hearts of a few faithful people in 1947, Powderly Church of God has continiued  for the Glory of God! With the vision and faith of anoher generation Powderly COG has continued to thrive and grow! It is the blessing of God and by His power that that Powderly COG is what and where it is today! Because of the vision and faith of a small congregation, God put it in the hearts of men to help finance and build Powderly COG. With special thanks to Immanuel Baptist Church and so many others who donated thier work, equipment, and donations to make the building of Powderly COG possible! It is easy to see this was and is the work of the Lord, because it was a coming together of a community of people from Oklahoma to Paris, Texas and beyond so all we can really say is "Thank Ya, LORD, ThankYa!"

Bro. Jordan was Pastor of Powderly COG when the building project began. He was the 30th Pastor  of Powderly COG. Bro. Mark became Pastor, (31st), in Febuary 2003 and finishing touches to the building are continuing under his leadership!

 Below are a few photos of the work and people involved!   If you recognize anyone or have a stoty to tell, please use comments below and share!



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