Bread Of Life Orphanage, Brosteni, Romania



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Bread of Life Orphanage is a non-profit organization. They are committed to sharing the love of God with the orphans, homeless children and needy families. Since September 2003 it has been the home of approximately 200 needy children. In addition to the orphanage, the Bread of Life ministries include Our Brothers Keeper project. They deliver food, medicine, clothing and firewood to needy families. They also have a partnership to deliver food to the government orphanage.

They raise a garden every year, with the help of the children in the orphanage, to share with the elderly in many small villages. Powderly Church of God send vegatable seeds and donated the money for a tractor. At one time, almost a century ago, Romania was called the breadbasket of Europe. The fertile soil is still the best crop land in Europe. We desired to use this blessing and work the land in order to provide food for our orphanage and Feeding Centers. Over the past five years, we have managed to grow potatoes, corn, sunflowers, and other vegetables. Out of our yearly harvest, we cover the expenses and have enough left over to use or barter for food items to sustain our projects. We are now a testimony to our neighbors as they see God’s blessing over our crops. We do not have the best farming equipment nor the most qualified workers, but our crops match and exceed all surrounding farms at harvest time.

Shoebox Gifts for Jesus is another project .Many churches all over the world help with the project. Our church  family gathers together just before Thanksgiving to fill boxes tor the children. These boxes contain clothing, toys and assorted items, so that each child will have a box to open at Christmas. Any remaining boxes go to the village children and government orphans.

The Bread of Life Ministries have recently became a partner of the Food For the Hungry organization. The name of this program is Every Child, Every Day. The goal of this partnership is to feed every child, every day. A shipment of food is on they way and should be there by November. By the time they arrive they will have made ready the network of partners who will oversee local Soup kitchens, after school meals at village schools and feeding programs at village churches.

Please visit their website and see what God is doing and  how you can help :

Also on facebook: Bread of Life orphanage and feeding centers

  December 2017  
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