In The Beginning

Powderly Church of God: In The Beginning

                                 circa 1959

By Faye Rook and Belle Daughtrey Shepard

    Starting with prayer meetings at Dorothy Kee's home on Sunday afternoon in 1947, eventually moving to the Red Hill Church off Airline Road near the Red Hill Cemetery. Dorothy Kee pastored, Jack Kee lead worship and played guitar, along with Naomi Parks playing piano occassionally.

    As a body, we purposed to move to Powderly, Texas with the desire to build a church where people  could come to worship in spirit and in truth, get born again,healed, get problems solved, to have needs met, and to get filled with the Spirit. We began doing the things needed to be done to see our prayers come to pass. the church building was completed and we were organized and became affiliated with the 'Church of God'.

    Rev.Ray T. Hill, District Pastor of Paris Church of God, read the declaration of Faith, and taught the doctrinal commitments of the Church of God; teaching the responsibilty of members to live as examples to each other and the world these twenty two core beliefs outlined in scripture. Church of God Beliefs+

Sis. Dorothy Kee was the first pastor, with Francis Ashford and Kathryn Alvord playing piano. Orie and Nita Daughtrey and Chick and Faye Rook made the firat two payments  repectively on the church. The land was donated by Dorothy and Billy Kee.

Initial members were: Jack and Marie Kee, Edward and Elamy Kee,Dorothy (first  pastor) and Billy Kee, Hattie Kay Kee, Fred Kee,Helen and Lu Coe Pierce, Mae Thompson, Nell Thompson, Alton and Voncille Thompson, Aunt Tommie Westbrooks, Loma 'Goodmama' Garmon, Theo Daughtrey, Faye Rook, Belle Daughtrey Shepard, Loma Ashford, Roxie Moore.

Records were kept by Faye Rook, and then by her sister Belle Shepard. Loma Ashford was the church clerk. Pastors after Sis. Kee left were  Bro. Murphy, Bro. Wilson, Bro. Neal, and Bro. Bruce Coker.

Pastors of Powderly Church of God By dates:

Joe Blackshear           January 1959-March 1959

V. E. Nettles                 April 1959-July 1959

Robert McDonald         September 1959- November 1959

Robert Dawkins            January 1960- July 1960

Jack Kee                       August 1960- September 1962

E.E. Malone                  October 1962- July  1963

Allie Woodard               August 1963- July 1964

Zoe Brown                    August 1964

George Wilkinson        September 1964- April 1966

Caroll Smith                 May 1966- February 1968

A. E. Davis                   March 1968-September 1968

Bob Tole                       October 1968-March 1969

J F Rankin                    April 1969-May 1969

Ira Sandefer                  July 1969-June 1970

C H Stewart                  July 1970-September 1970

J M Jones                     October 1970-May 1971

J H Patterson                June 1971

Wayne Henshaw           August 1971-February 1972

T J O'Neal                     April 1972-June 1972

G F Moore                     November 1972-June 1973

Othoe Stegall                July 1973-August 1973

Everett Lobaugh            September 1973-June 1974

Charles Craig                August 1974-February 1976

B C Shellnut                  March 1976-September 1977

Clarence Parsons          October 1977-April 1978

James Johnson              May 1978-June 1979

James Donovan             September 1979-February 1980

James Jonnson              March 1980-June 1980

Johnny Martin                 August 1980-October 1980

Billy Jordan                     November 1985-February 2003

Mark Sanders                  March 2003-Current        






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